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Corporate Name: Shanghai  Shine Metal Surface Treatment Co., Ltd
Address: Room 407, No. 1100, Kang Qiao Road, Shanghai, China Date of Establishment: 23rd May, 2000 Executive Director: Chenhu
Postcode: 201315
Tel: 86 21 6819 4762 or 86 21 6819 4760
Fax: 86 21 5812 1639
Mobile Phone: 13965085239 or  13917913722
Freight Queries: 18501631938 Tel: 86 21 6819 3413 Mr. Xu
Functional chemical material procurement: 18655175856
Working Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 11:30am, 12:30pm to 17:00pm


Our mission:
Help customers to increate internal value for their own customers with our excellent technology and ability on surface treatment, and realize the common growth both of group and individual.
Our Idea:
  Partnership——we strive for establishing a long-time and mutual-trust cooperative relationship with our customers, sharing prosperity and growth. Customer is the premise of our existence, but only we both side devote efforts to satisfy the need of our common customers can we jointly create and realize our mutual value.
  Environment Friendliness——Earth is human’s common home; protecting environment is our obligatory duty. We promise to endeavor to control the usage of toxic and harmful substance and reduce or totally avoid the environmental pollution during the production, usage, consumption and disposing process as far as possible.
  Quality——we execute strict quality control and we promise that the quality of each batch of products is perfectly in full accord to the sample or trial product. In addition, the efficiency of solving problems for our customers is also exactly the same as the usage of trial.
  Service——we can provide integrated solution of surface treatment and help customers to solve all the problems in the area of surface treatment with our timely and excellent technology service.
  Cost Effectiveness——we promise to get the most out of the customer’s every penny. Even though our price may usually be the lowest in the same industry, we will never ever sacrifice the quality of product to realize absolute lowest cost or let down our technology service. We use two kinds of method based on customer’s position to measure: cost effectiveness=the value of solution ÷ cost on purchasing solution; or cost effectiveness=effect of solving problems ÷ purchasing cost.
  Innovation——customer’s need is the compass of our action. Customer’s need is changing and so do our products, service and support system behind. We try to improve our products and perfect our service by unceasing innovation, creating much more value with our customers.
Our Superiority:  
      Compared to multinational corporations, the quality of our products is considerable, but our cost effectiveness is higher, reaction speed is quicker and our service is more perfect.
      Compared to domestic corporations, our technical strength is much stronger, cost effectiveness is higher, environmental awareness is more and our service is more considerable.