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F-3 nano ceramic agent instead of phosphating solution

Read number:6706 Date:2012-12-30


Product features

Steel surface without phosphate conversion coating

Composition and properties

The corrosion resistance of F-3 is greater than or equal to iron phosphating / polymer closed with no chromium after washing. Apply to room temperature, spraying or dipping treatment, after treatment with deionized water. F-3 can match and various types of coating.

Application range

F-3 is a chemical treatment with no phosphate reaction type, particularly suitable for iron and steel, zinc and aluminum surface treatment. Does not contain heavy metals, can enhance the coating adhesion and corrosion resistance.


Method of use

Each 1000L of the bath add

F-3 50.3-70.3kg

Stir in the final pH value, available Additive-119 adjustment

Each to reduce the value of pH 0.1 to 1000L bath containing about 1-2L Additive-119

Different processing time for each 1000L of the bath in the amount of F-3

The processing time of 20~45S, each 1000L of the tank 70kg

The processing time of 90~120S, each 1000L of the tank 60kg

The processing time is larger than 180S, each 1000L of the tank 50kg

The bath concentration 3-7%

20 - 180 S

At room temperature

The spray pressure of 0.5 - 1.5bar

Summary: the different process parameters of the production line, need to adjust according to the actual situation of the above process parameters

Process description

1 cleaning

The 2 washing

3 Di water rinse

4 conversion coating

The 5 washing

6 DI water rinse

7 drying

1 cleaning the best use of alkaline cleaning system appropriate, refer to the relevant product specifications.

The 2 washing should maintain continuous overflow to avoid contamination

3 Di water rinse conversion coating with DI water rinse, should maintain a continuous overflow to avoid contamination

4 conversion coating retention parameter in the recommended range

The 5 washing should maintain continuous overflow to avoid contamination

6 DI water rinse continuous overflow, control the conductivity below 25us/cm.

7 drying recommended fast complete drying, drying oven indirect heating to 110-170 ℃ for 10-20 minutes


According to the concentration of choice for time processing.


PH measurement

The precision pH fluoride ion stable meter. Can also be used for accurate pH test paper.

Recommended pH range: 3.8~5.5

The pH value decreased 0.1: each 1000L bath, add 5-6L F-3.

The pH value increased 0.1: each 1000L bath, add 1-2L Additive-119.

Often the best test of pH value, adding a small amount of F-3 and Additive -119, to avoid the sharp adjustment of pH and chemicals.