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Corporate Name: Shanghai  Shine Metal Surface Treatment Co., Ltd
Address: Room 407, No. 1100, Kang Qiao Road, Shanghai, China Date of Establishment: 23rd May, 2000 Executive Director: Chenhu
Postcode: 201315
Tel: 86 21 6819 4762 or 86 21 6819 4760
Fax: 86 21 5812 1639
Mobile Phone: 13965085239 or  13917913722
Freight Queries: 18501631938 Tel: 86 21 6819 3413 Mr. Xu
Functional chemical material procurement: 18655175856
Working Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 11:30am, 12:30pm to 17:00pm

About us

Shanghai Guanghua Shine Metal Surface Treatment CO., LTD was established in May 2000. Our company is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development of manufacturing and selling chemical products of surface treatment. Our application fields are iron and steel industry, automobile industry, household appliances industry and general industry.
  Our dominating technological devices are all ordered from other countries, such as the production equipment regulators of titanium salt surface, regulators of manganese phosphorization surface, non-chrome deactivator of aluminium product, pre-deactivator of color-coated sheet, non-chrome anti-finger coating, coating of silicon steel insulation, non-phosphorus treating agent of Nanostructure ceramic, non-phosphorus treating agent of silicane and so on. We have full-scale equipments for our test, analysis and experiments. In order to make sure the quality of our surface chemical products, all of the crucial materials are imported from abroad.
In September 2000, we have established Shanghai Guanghua Shine Metal Surface Treatment CO., LTD to research and develop the surface treatment chemicals.
In October 2000, we have established a product line of annual output 2500MT surface treatment chemicals.
In June 2003, our company has been identified “Science and Technology Enterprise” by Shanghai Science and Technology Committee.
In August 2003, we have manufactured non-phosphorus degreasant and non-phosphorus treating agent of metal surface and other environmental products; successfully solve the problem of Phosphorous pollution.
In January 2004, we have brought out external processing business, including curing of manganese phosphorization, black phosphorization and zinc calcium phosphorization and so on.
In March 2005, SGS has made a whole test for our products and the results were all up to the mustard.
In July 2005, we have successfully passed the identification of ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004.
In March 2007, we have created non-phosphorus treating agent of Nanostructure ceramic and successfully applied to household appliances industry.
In July 2008, we have developed non-phosphorus treating agent of silicane and pre-deactivator of color-coated sheet.
In September 2010, our company has been honored as “China Top Ten Supplier of Surface Treatment before Painting”.
In October 2011, we have built a new product line of surface treatment chemicals, which possess the productivity of annual output 20000MT surface treatment chemicals.
  Since the foundation, we have built great reputation with high-quality, reasonable price and perfect service in trade union. Our consistent aim is energy-conservation, high-proficiency and environmental protection. We will inject unceasing vitality into China’s surface treatment industries with top-ranking products and first-rate support of technology.

Basic Information:
Name: Shanghai Guanghua Shinechem Metal Surface Treatment CO., LTD
Date of Establishment: 23rd May, 2000
Executive Director: Hu chen